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Students In Support of Social Enterprises has now been announced!

Students competition has been organizing since 2012.

In 2017, Students Competition is organized under the framework of the CSRDG projcet "Social Enterprise - innovative approach for social and economic changes", funded by the European Union.

The aim of the competition is popularization of the concept of Social Enterpreneurship in youth and enhancing Georgian Social Enterprises by the help of students team.

Why "Students In Support of SEs"?

Competition is one of the good opportunity for Georgian students to empower their theoretical knowledge on that field and implement it into practise. During the competition students will meet Georgian Social Entrepreneurs.

Competition Schedule

1.Selection Round

There will be selected best 12 teams from the applications (team registeres as an united one, and team should have a leader).

2. Bas-tours

Selected teams will have opportunity to visit Georgian Social Enterprises from all over the country. Project participants will meet Georgian Social Entrepreneurs and share their knowledge about the SE development in the country. Likewise, during bas-tours, Students teams will be given cases about the challenges of Georgian Social Enterprise. As an assignment, they should prepare theorethical projects to address that challanges.

3. Project Elaboration

For elaboration of the projects, directed to the solutions of the problems excisting in Georgian Social Enterprises, teams will have 20 days and budget (1500 GEL) to prepare it.

4. Semi-final

After assignment deadlines, at the semi-final, teams will present their work to the jury. Assignments must be a way of sollution of the problems excisting in the SEs.

There will be announced 4 teams, they will continue competition and by the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia they will be given small grants for project implementation.

They will have 1 month, as well as professional consultations for implementing projects .

5. Final Round

At the final round of the Competition, 4 team will represent results of implemented projects to the jury. There will be selected 1 winner team and all of the finalist teams will be given special prizes imposed by the CSRDG and other organizations.

6. Award Ceremony

At the Award Ceremony, there will be announced 1 winner team of the Competition. Also, there will be anounced Jury Favourite teams. All finalist teams will be given special prizes.

Eligibility Criterias

Students, study in the Georgian Universities/Colleges are eligible to participate in the Competition. There is no restrictions directed to the academic degree, as well as the faculty.

THERE IS NO PARTICIPATION FEE to join the competition. Any kind of costs linked to the competition will be covered by the organizers.

Application Deadline is on March 13 (you can see application form in Georgian HERE)

Additional information about the competition will be published on the web-pages:

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